We’ve shared “Healthy Touch, Good Boundaries, Safe Kids” with several educators, counselors, and review groups and asked them to share their opinion of the curriculum.

Here’s a selection from just one of those reviews from Barbara Gruener, a Counselor and Character Coach at
Westwood-Bales Elementary School in Friendswood, TX

Sexual abuse statistics are staggering; in more than 90% of child abuse cases, it’s a family member or close friend who makes inappropriate physical contact or advances. At our school, we’ve brought in outside programs like WHO (We Help Ourselves) and SKATE (Safe Kids Are Taught Early). Our DARE officer also touches on stranger danger and safety in his classes. And now I’m excited that this new Starshine Workshop product “Healthy Touch, Good Boundaries, Safe Kids” is also available to give our students concrete strategies about what to do if they’re caught in an uncomfortable situation.

This tool pragmatically addresses the tough topic with sensitivity and clarity. In the video, two likable young adults, Rachel and Paul, work with a class and teach them to differentiate between healthy touch (hugs, kisses from someone you know), bad touch (hitting, kicking), and wrong touch (unwanted contact in private areas) through discussion and role play. They also make a distinction between good secrets vs. bad secrets. They put the students into a Circle of Comfort to categorize the people in their lives and practice how to behave should certain issues arise. They give participants a clear-cut empowerment strategy that kids can use to maintain good boundaries: No, Go, Tell.

This product includes an accompanying parent/teacher video of an interview with a child psychologist that’ll teach the warning signs of sexual abuse, discuss appropriate responses for when a child reports, and provide some follow-up activities and exercises to open up dialogue that’ll help keep our children safe. There are also three interactive scenarios that allow students to decide what they’d do.

Thanks Barbara!

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